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Views of passageway leading to Jane Coleridge's consulting room. The consulting room is a converted shed situated in Jane's garden, separate from the rest of her house.

View 1: 30-08-2003
View 2: 10-02-2004
(left - right)


Views of Belinda Shand's consulting room.

View 1: 08-05-2003
View 2: 02-11-2003
(left - right)

"What you're beginning to get is a feeling of what it’s like to be in  ongoing therapy. You come back to a familiar place and pick up on the view from the window, which you know from previous times. You pick up on what’s different. How does your picking up on that tell me something about you - open a window onto what you have brought into this space today?"

Laurie Slade

Views out of Laurie Slade's consulting room window, visible from client's chair.

View 1: 08-04-2003
View 2: 28-10-2003
(left - right)



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